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Live Transfers


           There is no better prospect than a consumer that has showed definitive intent prior to be transferred in real time to your call center or sales processing solution. At LeadZod, our partner call centers specialize in perfecting every aspect of pre-qualifying real-time custom opt in leads with full TCPA language present at time of opt in. Jornaya or Trusted Form is included, and we can also post the lead to you upon request. See the below steps on how to move forward with us.

Step 1: Give our team the lead vertical you are looking to target, top Cost Per Transfer payout, and call time buffer . We operate in most of the major lead  verticals. If we do not have your lead vertical currently in operation we can usually get it up and running right away.
Step 2: Our partner call centers will execute contract paperwork, work on tech integration, and get final approval by your team based on your campaign criteria before going live.
Step 3: Start receiving Live Transfers that meet your criteria! Scale Live Transfer volume according to demand. 
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