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Contact Team is a dba operating under the umbrella of MediaZod LLC, a lead generation agency. Due to an overwhelming demand of advertisers and call centers wanting to work with us direct, was created to showcase what type of lead generation we specialize in. Over two decades of experience to bring unprecedented value to our clients. We look forward to becoming the one stop shop for all your needs.


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Brian Tompakov

Founder & CEO

Directly responsible for all aspects of Lead Generation, Media Buying, Call Center Operation Scaling, Model Optimization, and Overall Media Innovation. Love my faith, my family, swimming, and experiencing top rated restaurants. Christmas, Easter, and St. Patrick's Day are my favorite holidays. Please email Sharon to start the process of working with us.

Sharon Ortiz

Head of Advertiser Relations

Sharon is one of the best. Count on her to guide you with everything when it comes to what LeadZod can do for you to grow your business. Sharon is a proud mom, and is super energetic when it comes to making all of her clients happy!


Skype: sdutil143


Rest Of The Team

Employees, Independent Contractors & Partners

The rest of our network and team is substantial. Leveraging A grade players around the world specializing in operations, ecommerce, programming, publishing, niche media, and more.


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