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Custom Opt In Lead Generation


Custom opt in lead generation is a great way to start the process on getting a consumer interested in your offer. During any url registration, navigating a url post registration or post transactional process of any website, a consumer can have the option of opting in to one or multiple advertisements by choosing Yes or No when offers are shown to them. When a consumer opts in to your offer with representing companies present in the TCPA language, the information that was gathered on the consumer during the registration process can be passed to you in real-time as a custom opt in lead. This process has proven to be a highly effective way of getting many consumers showing interest without forcing them to fill out a separate landing page. Host and Post through HTTP Post or GET post is used to transfer all leads generated. Passing Trusted Form or Jornaya is available for additional TCPA compliance with most of our publishers. We also encourage Pre-Pings for optimal ad performance.

Step 1: Let us know what campaign you're looking to scale. We'll need a 2-4 sentence sentence custom ad description and state/age filters. Your campaign is then priced and an insertion order is executed per your campaign criteria. We work on a Cost Per Lead basis and occasionally entertain Cost Per Sale offers. The final ad language, tcpa language, geo targeting, logo for branding, posting instructions in HTTP or GET format and pre-ping posting instructions are then set for you for approval.
Step 2: Upon approval, your campaign is strategically launched with our publishers. We can scale as quickly or as slowly as your center or sales solution needs.
Step 3: Real-time Custom Opt In leads are delivered to you in realtime. Daily Lead Caps, Hard Lead Caps are available.
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