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Targeted Data


              Using targeted data is a great way to reach your audience while striving to lower your cost per acquisition. LeadZod has access to a great deal of domestic and global data for our clients. We get targeted data in from our publishers daily, and have a great deal of volume available. Find out why LeadZod's clients represent approximately 54,000 call center seats worldwide and growing. Contact us today.

***Disclaimer*** LeadZod will never seek, sell, or share information such as social security numbers, drivers License, bank information, or sensitive medical information of consumers.


***Disclaimer*** LeadZod as of January 1st, 2019 will not be housing or selling consumer data in Vermont.

Step 1: Contact LeadZod and tell us what data vertical you are interested in, and how much volume you need.
Step 2: LeadZod will give you all the details for the data you are interested in, discuss budgets, and process your order. 
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